Logan Paul admits he 'almost killed' Rey Mysterio at WWE title fight

Dramatic Turn in WWE: Paul's Unexpected Role in Match

by Noman Rasool
Logan Paul admits he 'almost killed' Rey Mysterio at WWE title fight
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Logan Paul, the YouTuber turned professional boxer, recently faced off against wrestling icon Rey Mysterio in a highly anticipated US Championship Match in Saudi Arabia. The event, which marked a significant milestone in Paul's wrestling career, saw him clinch his first WWE title.

The match, celebrated by WWE enthusiasts, was not without its share of heart-stopping moments. A particular incident during the match caught the audience's attention and became a topic of discussion among fans. Mysterio, known for his high-flying and acrobatic maneuvers, attempted a daring backflip off the ropes into the ring.

However, this high-risk move nearly ended in disaster as Mysterio almost landed on his head. In a split-second response, Paul, showcasing his agility and presence of mind, rushed to Mysterio's aid, successfully catching him mid-air and averting a potential catastrophe.

This quick reaction from Paul garnered admiration from fans and commentators alike, with many lauding him for 'saving Mysterio's life' The incident sparked a wave of positive reactions, with the Mexican community, in particular, expressing their gratitude and admiration for Paul's actions.

Paul's Honest Reflection

Despite the initial praise, Paul, in a candid revelation on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, shared his perspective on the incident. He acknowledged that while his actions did prevent a serious accident, he also admitted that both he and Mysterio had miscalculated the move.

Paul's self-assessment revealed a keen understanding of the intricacies and dangers of professional wrestling. His honesty and transparency about the incident were well-received, adding a layer of respect to his character.

While he appreciated the positive headlines and recognition, Paul emphasized that his intervention was part of his professional responsibility, downplaying his role as a 'hero' The close call in the match served as a reminder of the unpredictable and often perilous nature of professional wrestling.

However, it also highlighted the sportsmanship and skill of the athletes involved. Fans continued to express their relief and admiration for Paul's swift action, with social media buzzing with discussions about the near-miss.

In the end, despite the dramatic turn of events, Paul remained focused on his objectives, securing a win and declaring the title belt as 'just the beginning' of his journey in WWE. This mix of skill, humility, and ambition underscores Paul's growing stature in the wrestling world, making him a figure to watch in the sport's future.

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