Mike Chioda's Dream Matches: Referee's Wishlist with AEW & WWE Stars

Veteran referee Mike Chioda shares wrestling dreams.

by Noman Rasool
Mike Chioda's Dream Matches: Referee's Wishlist with AEW & WWE Stars
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In the world of professional wrestling, few names are as synonymous with officiating as Mike Chioda. With decades of experience under his belt, including iconic matches at WrestleMania and the historic role of overseeing Ric Flair's final bout in August 2022, Chioda recently announced his retirement from refereeing.

However, the allure of the squared circle still beckons, as he candidly shared his dream matches he'd love to officiate, should the opportunity arise. During a recent episode of his "Monday Mailbag" podcast, Chioda was asked about the matches he'd like to referee in both WWE and AEW.

His WWE choice? A colossal showdown between two Samoan powerhouses: Roman Reigns and The Rock. Chioda expressed his enthusiasm, recognizing the star power, history, and Hollywood appeal that this bout would bring to the WWE Universe.

"WWE—I would love to do Roman Reigns and The Rock," Chioda exclaimed. "Hey, Rock's probably... he's probably employed somehow. That is box office, Hollywood... I mean, everything. WWE history, boy. Two of those big Samoans going at it...

that'd be nice, you know?"

Dream AEW Matches

Shifting his focus to AEW, Chioda took a moment to deliberate, but he was quick to identify a pivotal figure in his dream match—Bryan Danielson, also known as "The American Dragon." Chioda contemplated matchups, suggesting potential classics like Bryan Danielson vs.

Kenny Omega or Bryan Danielson vs. Edge. He also mentioned his admiration for the charismatic MJF and the captivating encounter he had with Bryan Danielson. "It would probably have to be... I was thinking already Bryan Danielson," Chioda pondered.

"Bryan Danielson vs. Omega, maybe? Bryan Danielson... Edge would be pretty cool. [MJF]...I like him. I'd say MJF and Bryan Danielson. They already put on a classic. That was awesome." As Chioda reflects on his storied career and entertains the possibility of returning to the ring as a referee, wrestling fans worldwide eagerly await the chance to witness these dream matches unfold.

With the rich history and talent pool in both WWE and AEW, the prospect of these dream matchups becoming a reality continues to fuel excitement in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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