Wrestling Legend Eric Bischoff Questions CM Punk's Impact on Survivor Series Event

Bischoff Discusses Future WWE Events and Potential Surprises

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Legend Eric Bischoff Questions CM Punk's Impact on Survivor Series Event
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As the anticipation for the Survivor Series builds, the wrestling world buzzes with speculation about CM Punk's potential involvement. Eric Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer known for his sharp insights, recently weighed in on this topic, sharing his skepticism about Punk's impact on the event.

In a recent episode of the "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff expressed his doubts about Punk's necessity for WWE's marquee event in Chicago. Despite the swirling rumors and fan excitement, Bischoff, with his seasoned perspective, sees Punk's return as a "remote possibility." He argues that WWE's current success, evidenced by sell-out events and robust financial reports, diminishes the need for a CM Punk appearance at Survivor Series.

"Their business is strong. They're selling out everywhere they go for TV. Each time they present their finances, they're records," Bischoff commented.

Bischoff on Punk's Return

Bischoff, however, doesn't rule out the possibility of a Punk return entirely, suggesting that a grand stage like the Royal Rumble, leading into WrestleMania, could be more fitting.

Such an event, known for its surprises and fanfare, could benefit from the buzz that Punk's appearance would undoubtedly generate. Bischoff's analysis aligns with the strategic timing that WWE often employs, leveraging big names to boost significant events.

In a related development, the wrestling industry is abuzz with news of The CW's recent negotiations. Reports suggest that The CW had initially approached AEW's Tony Khan with an offer to air Ring of Honor content before striking a deal with WWE for NXT.

Bischoff sees this as a missed opportunity for AEW, emphasizing the importance of diversifying television properties, especially in the context of AEW's impending media rights deal. According to Bischoff, diversification is critical in maintaining a robust presence across various platforms, something WWE exemplifies with its varied network partnerships.

As Survivor Series approaches, the wrestling community remains on the edge of their seats, watching for any signs of Punk's potential involvement. Bischoff's insights offer a grounded perspective amidst the swirling rumors, reminding fans and industry watchers alike that in professional wrestling, anything is possible but not always probable.

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