AEW Austin & Colten Gunn Discuss Similarities with WWE Dominik Mysterio


AEW Austin & Colten Gunn Discuss Similarities with WWE Dominik Mysterio
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where family storylines often take center stage, the ongoing sagas within AEW and WWE are capturing fans' imaginations. The Gunn Brothers of AEW and Dominik Mysterio of WWE are embroiled in familial drama, resonating deeply with audiences.

Speaking to "Comicbook," Austin and Colten Gunn opened up about the parallels and differences in their strained relationships with their father, Billy Gunn, compared to the tumultuous father-son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio in WWE.

"The connection we feel with Dom is solid," Austin Gunn stated. "Like us, he's dealing with a father who's not always been there. It feels like both our dads are competing in the deadbeat dad championships."

Colten Gunn: Feeling Forgotten

Colten Gunn echoed these sentiments, albeit with a sharper edge.

"In some ways, our situation feels even more abandoned. Rey Mysterio hasn't replaced Dominik, but our dad practically adopted The Acclaimed, winning titles and getting all this attention. It's like he's forgotten we exist," Colten expressed.

This rift in the Gunn family became evident when Billy Gunn showed favoritism towards The Acclaimed, leading to a shocking attack on him by his sons on the August 17, 2022, episode of "AEW Dynamite." This betrayal paved the way for Anthony Bowens and Max Caster to align with Billy Gunn, forming a trio that recently seized the AEW World Trios Championship from House of Black at the All In event.

On the WWE front, Dominik Mysterio's relationship with his legendary father, Rey Mysterio, has been rocky. Dominik's betrayal at last year's Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event, where he turned against Rey to join Judgment Day, marked a significant shift in their dynamic.

His open criticism of Rey has added an intense layer to their on-screen relationship, mirroring the emotional complexity seen in the Gunn family storyline. These compelling narratives highlight the enduring appeal of family dynamics in wrestling storytelling.

As the Gunn brothers and Dominik Mysterio navigate their troubled relationships with their fathers, fans remain captivated by the blend of real-life emotions and scripted drama that only professional wrestling can deliver.

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