Wrestling Hall of Famer Critiques Roman Reigns' Scarce Matches in 2023

Roman Reigns' Crown Jewel Defense Sparks Major Debate

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Hall of Famer Critiques Roman Reigns' Scarce Matches in 2023
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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently voiced his insights on Roman Reigns' relatively sparse in-ring activity this year. Reigns, known as 'The Tribal Chief,' has participated in only 11 matches throughout the year, both television broadcasts and live events.

Remarkably, his prestigious Undisputed WWE Universal Championship was at stake in just nine of these contests. With Survivor Series: WarGames approaching, Reigns is noticeably absent from the promotional material, signaling a possible conclusion to his televised matches for the year.

On his renowned Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T expressed surprise upon learning Reigns' actual match count, having initially estimated it at 22. This lower-than-expected figure has sparked discussions among fans and analysts about the champion's selective appearances and the impact on WWE's storytelling dynamics.

Reigns' Controversial Victory

At Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Reigns successfully defended his title against LA Knight, albeit with the familiar intervention of The Bloodline. This controversial win has fueled the ongoing narrative surrounding Reigns' championship reign.

The drama escalated on a recent SmackDown episode where LA Knight, posturing as 'The Megastar,' boldly challenged Reigns. In a charged in-ring promo, Knight declared his unfinished business with The Bloodline and his unyielding ambition to dethrone Reigns.

Speculation is rife about whether Knight will secure another championship opportunity. His determination and rising popularity make him a strong contender, potentially setting the stage for a high-stakes rematch with Reigns.

Beyond the immediate storyline, Reigns' limited ring presence raises questions about the future direction of WWE's main event scene. His selective participation might be a strategic move to maintain his status as a top-tier wrestler while allowing other talents to shine.

This approach could lead to fresh matchups and unexpected twists in WWE's narrative arc as we head towards the end of the year. As fans and pundits debate these developments, the anticipation for Reigns' next move builds. Will LA Knight get his desired rematch? And if so, can he overcome the might of The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline? These questions linger as WWE's 2023 saga unfolds.

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