Tyler Breeze: Prepared for WWE Release, Embracing the Uncertainty


Tyler Breeze: Prepared for WWE Release, Embracing the Uncertainty
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Tyler Breeze, a well-known name in the wrestling world, has openly discussed his mindset during his tenure with WWE, highlighting a unique perspective on job security in the industry. From the moment he joined WWE in 2010, Breeze, initially wrestling under his real name, Matt Clement, and later as Mike Dalton, was aware of the transient nature of his role.

His journey with WWE, which saw him evolve into the character of Tyler Breeze in 2013, has been a testament to his adaptability and foresight. Breeze's transformation into a narcissistic, selfie-obsessed 'pretty boy' coincided with the rebranding of FCW into NXT, marking a significant shift in his career.

Despite achieving success and being called up to the main roster in 2015, he never lost sight of the industry's volatile nature. His expectation of an eventual release was a constant companion throughout his career, which spanned over a decade, ending in 2021 alongside his tag-team partner, Fandango.

Breeze's Initial Challenges

Reflecting on his early days in an interview on the Insight podcast, Breeze shared his initial doubts upon joining WWE. He recalled the era's preference for larger-than-life athletes, which contrasted starkly with his own physique.

However, as WWE's hiring preferences evolved, welcoming more technically skilled wrestlers, Breeze found his place among the likes of Cesaro, Bryan Danielson, and Seth Rollins. Despite this shift, Breeze remained cognizant of the cyclical nature of hiring trends in WWE, understanding that what is valued today might not be tomorrow.

He emphasized the importance of not being complacent, as security in WWE is never guaranteed. This keen awareness was influenced by fellow Canadian wrestler Lance Storm, who advised Breeze on the typically brief nature of a wrestling career.

Acknowledging the average five-year span of successful wrestling careers, Breeze prepared early for life beyond the ring. His eleven-year tenure with WWE, surpassing the average, was a period marked by continuous planning for the future.

For Tyler Breeze, his journey in WWE was not just about achieving fame but also about preparing for the inevitable uncertainties of a wrestling career. His story serves as a compelling narrative for aspiring wrestlers, emphasizing the importance of foresight and adaptability in an ever-changing industry.

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