Jim Ross Discusses Potential AEW Comeback

Legendary commentator Jim Ross faces health challenges, takes break.

by Noman Rasool
Jim Ross Discusses Potential AEW Comeback
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Jim Ross, a legendary voice in the world of professional wrestling and a cornerstone of AEW's broadcasting team since its inception, has recently announced a temporary departure from his role due to health concerns. Ross, known for his profound experience and gravitas, especially during the main events of Collision each Saturday, is stepping back to focus on his health following a battle with skin cancer.

In a candid discussion on his Grilling JR podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson, Ross provided an update on his health status. "I’m pretty good, Conrad. Had a busy week at the doctor’s, and trying to get all these little things taken care of.

They’re not little things if you let them go. So anyway, I’m getting better, I think," he shared. Ross indicated he would be absent from work for a few more weeks, citing a recent extensive doctor's appointment. "Getting old is the sh*ts," Ross humorously added, highlighting the challenges of aging.

Ross's AEW Future Uncertain

As Ross focuses on his health, speculation about his future with AEW has been a topic of interest among fans and industry insiders. The WWE Hall of Famer confirmed that he is nearing the end of his current contract with AEW.

However, AEW President Tony Khan has expressed interest in extending Ross's tenure with the company, signaling a continued role for Ross in AEW's broadcasting landscape. While Ross will miss the upcoming Full Gear event, there is optimism within the wrestling community about his return.

Fans and colleagues alike are eagerly anticipating his comeback, potentially in time for the Worlds End event on December 30. Ross's absence will be notably felt, as his unique commentary style and deep knowledge of the sport have been integral to AEW's success and viewer engagement.

In addition to his broadcasting duties, Ross has been an influential figure in mentoring younger talent, both on and off the camera. His insights and guidance have been invaluable in shaping the narratives and careers of many wrestlers.

As he recuperates, the wrestling world sends its best wishes, hoping for a swift and complete recovery. Jim Ross's journey, both in health and his professional career, continues to be a story of resilience and passion for the sport he loves.

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