Cena's Next Step: Acting, Hosting After Crown Jewel


Cena's Next Step: Acting, Hosting After Crown Jewel
Cena's Next Step: Acting, Hosting After Crown Jewel © John Cena/Twitter

"Following an electrifying stint at WWE Crown Jewel, John Cena is steering his career into new territories with a groundbreaking talk show on Roku. Entitled "What Drives You," this series marks a significant pivot for Cena from the wrestling ring to the driver's seat, engaging with celebrities in a unique, mobile interview format.

Set to air on Roku, America's leading TV streaming platform, "What Drives You" is more than just a talk show. It's an intimate journey where Cena joins celebrities in their beloved vehicles, exploring the stories and memories these cars harbor.

Each episode promises a blend of humor and heart, as Cena and his guests delve into a wide array of topics during their drives to meaningful destinations.

Beyond the Conversation

Cena's venture into the talk show domain isn't just about conversations; it's an exploration of the personal connections his guests have with their cars and destinations.

This series aims to provide a new lens to view the lives and passions of renowned personalities. Roku and Leftfield Pictures' collaboration brings this innovative concept to life. The series is helmed by a team of executive producers including Cena himself, showcasing his diverse talents beyond wrestling.

Leftfield Pictures, the production house behind "What Drives You," is renowned for creating compelling content across various genres. Their portfolio includes hits like "Alone," "Pawn Stars," and "Forged in Fire," attesting to their storytelling prowess.

As "What Drives You" gears up to join Roku's impressive lineup of originals like "The Spiderwick Chronicles" and "WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story," it's set to offer audiences an unprecedented blend of automotive fascination and celebrity insights.

This series represents a significant addition to The Roku Channel, which continues to expand its reach and variety, catering to an ever-growing audience seeking diverse and engaging content."

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