Ronda Rousey's Recent Bout Post-WWE Stirs Controversy with Unexpected Outcome

Rousey Faces Unexpected Turn in High-Stakes Tag Team Bout

by Noman Rasool
Ronda Rousey's Recent Bout Post-WWE Stirs Controversy with Unexpected Outcome
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In a recent display of her enduring prowess in the ring, Ronda Rousey, the renowned former WWE superstar, participated in her second wrestling match post-WWE at the Wrestling Revolver Unreal event. This latest about was marked by a contentious conclusion, further cementing Rousey's legacy in the wrestling world.

Rousey made a robust comeback after a brief hiatus from the sport following her departure from WWE after the SummerSlam Premium Live Event. Her return was first witnessed on October 26 at a Lucha VaVoom event, where she joined forces with Marina Shafir against the duo of Brian Kendrick and Taya Valkyrie.

Rousey's Match Ends Controversially

The Wrestling Revolver Unreal event saw Rousey again teaming up with Shafir, taking on Athena and Billie Starkz. The match escalated in intensity and culminated in a controversial disqualification following Athena's use of the Ring of Honor Women's Championship as a weapon against Rousey.

Reflecting on Rousey's journey, her last WWE match was notably against Shayna Baszler, a former ally turned rival. In a gripping MMA Rules Match at SummerSlam, Baszler emerged victorious, adding another chapter to their storied history.

In a candid conversation with WrestleZone, Baszler delved into the mixed public perception of Rousey, often known as 'The Baddest Woman On The Planet.' Baszler, acknowledging their strained relationship, praised Rousey's significant contributions to women's sports, particularly in combat sports and organizations like UFC and WWE.

She lamented the tendency of critics to overlook Rousey's achievements due to personal biases. As Rousey continues to navigate her career, speculation abounds regarding her next move, especially considering Shafir's current association with AEW.

Rousey's influence in the wrestling world remains undeniable, and her future endeavors are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike. Rousey's dynamic presence in the ring and outspoken personality have made her a polarizing yet influential figure in professional wrestling.

As she forges her path post-WWE, the wrestling community watches keenly, wondering what this next chapter will bring for the trailblazing athlete.

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