Cody Rhodes Open to Daughter Pursuing Wrestling Career


Cody Rhodes Open to Daughter Pursuing Wrestling Career
Cody Rhodes Open to Daughter Pursuing Wrestling Career © Humble Wresting/YouTube

As a third-generation star in the Rhodes wrestling dynasty, Cody Rhodes carries a legacy defined by iconic figures such as WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and the enigmatic Goldust. The question now arises: will this illustrious lineage extend to a fourth generation with Cody's daughter, Liberty? In a candid discussion on the "Gabby AF" podcast, Cody contemplated Liberty's potential future in wrestling.

He expressed a cautious optimism, stating, "I think it's a bridge we'll cross if we get there." This hesitation isn't born out of disdain for the industry; in fact, Cody's own experiences have been profoundly positive. He recently captivated a crowd of nearly 12,000 in Germany, a testament to wrestling's growing global appeal.

"Especially now with the business becoming as popular as it's cooking up to be, I couldn't with a straight face be like, 'Ah, no. You don't want to try that,'" he remarked. However, Cody's support comes with a caveat: the pursuit must be driven by a passion for excellence.

He observed that today's wrestling scene sometimes treats the sport as a hobby rather than a commitment. For Liberty, should she choose this path, Cody hopes she will emulate the competitive spirit and dedication demonstrated by both him and Dusty Rhodes.

Wrestling's Evolving Landscape

Cody's perspective reflects a broader trend in wrestling, where the industry is increasingly seen as a viable and respected career path. This shift is marked by heightened visibility, with mainstream platforms like MSN and Google News featuring wrestling content more prominently.

Wrestlers are now recognized as multifaceted entertainers, skilled in both athletic prowess and storytelling. For fans and aspiring wrestlers alike, Cody's thoughts offer a glimpse into the mindset of wrestling royalty. As the industry evolves, the Rhodes family legacy stands as a beacon, guiding the next generation of wrestlers.

Whether Liberty steps into the ring or not, her father's insights underscore a fundamental truth of the business: wrestling is not just a sport, but a craft honed with passion and hard work.

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