WWE Star Wishes Rey Mysterio Requires Leg Amputation in Harsh Reaction to Injury

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by Noman Rasool
WWE Star Wishes Rey Mysterio Requires Leg Amputation in Harsh Reaction to Injury
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In a recent episode of SmackDown, WWE star Santos Escobar did not mince words when addressing Rey Mysterio's current situation. Escobar, formerly a part of the Latino World Order (LWO), made headlines with his on-screen attack on the Hall of Famer, resulting in Mysterio's sidelining due to a severe knee injury.

The iconic luchador, Rey Mysterio, has undergone successful knee surgery, but faces a lengthy recovery period of several months. Escobar, however, exhibited no empathy towards his rival's plight. In a shocking statement, he expressed a callous wish for Mysterio's condition to worsen.

"I hope the surgery didn't go well. I hope you catch an infection, and you have to amputate your leg. I hope you never come back! You’re nothing but selfish no good outright trash," Escobar said. This animosity stems from Mysterio's decision to side with Carlito, an 'outsider', over the LWO's core members.

Escobar's acerbic comments were met with a dramatic response from Zelina Vega, his former teammate, who confronted and slapped him. Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro supported Vega, leading to a tense standoff with Escobar. The confrontation escalated as Escobar attacked them while they were exiting the ring, prompting Carlito to intervene and chase him off.

This altercation sets the stage for a grudge match between Escobar and Carlito at the upcoming Survivor Series: WarGames.

Mysterio's Surgery Update

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio shared an update on his condition via Instagram, posting a photo of himself in his signature mask with his right leg bandaged.

"Knee surgery was successful 🙏🏼," he captioned, while also hinting at a future confrontation with Escobar. "Now payback on @escobarwwe is on the horizon! Pagarás por los daños #Santos," he wrote, translating to "you will pay for the damage." As fans eagerly await Mysterio's return to the ring, the brewing rivalry between these WWE stars promises to be a highlight of the wrestling world.

With Mysterio's determination for retribution and Escobar's unrelenting disdain, their eventual clash is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

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