WWE Veteran Critiques Predictable SmackDown Booking

Dutch Mantell voices concerns on recent WWE SmackDown outcomes.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Veteran Critiques Predictable SmackDown Booking
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In a recent episode of WWE SmackDown, leading up to the eagerly anticipated Survivor Series: WarGames, the show was brimming with high-profile names and intense matchups. However, the treatment of one particular 30-year-old star caught the attention of WWE aficionado Dutch Mantell, who expressed his dismay at the booking decision.

The evening was marked by several key moments, including Dakota Kai's clever maneuver to orchestrate a significant women's match for the Survivor Series by putting words in Bayley's mouth. Additionally, fans were treated to a dramatic scene as Cody Rhodes made a timely appearance, rescuing LA Knight from a severe beatdown.

In a highly anticipated early segment of WWE SmackDown, fans witnessed an intense singles match where Grayson Waller, known for his dynamic in-ring style, faced off against the skilled and popular Cameron Grimes. Despite Grimes' impressive track record as a former NXT North American Champion, the bout was surprisingly short-lived.

Waller dominated the match, showcasing his prowess and quickly securing a decisive victory over Grimes, who struggled to mount significant offense, leaving viewers and commentators alike commenting on the unexpected ease of Waller's triumph.

Questioning WWE's Strategy

Dutch Mantell, a seasoned WWE veteran, shared his thoughts on Grimes' portrayal in the latest episode of Smack Talk. He pointed out the audience's lack of faith in Grimes' chances against Waller, indicating a predictable outcome.

"When Grimes entered the arena, not a single fan believed he stood a chance of winning. It's clear what his role is... The match concluded as most had anticipated, merely serving to bolster Grayson Waller's and Austin Theory's stature in the team," Mantell observed [51.50 - 52.20].

This booking decision has sparked a conversation among fans and analysts alike about the creative direction WWE is taking with its talents. While maintaining established stars is a key aspect of the wrestling industry, there is growing concern about the opportunities being afforded to emerging talents like Grimes.

The balance between building new stars and keeping the spotlight on current top performers is a delicate one, and WWE's handling of this balance will be closely watched in the coming weeks, especially as the Survivor Series: WarGames approaches.

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