WWE Legend Kurt Angle Credits Father for His Disciplined Approach

Kurt Angle Reveals Turning Point in His Wrestling Career

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Kurt Angle Credits Father for His Disciplined Approach
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In a deeply personal revelation on the "True Geordie" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle opened up about the profound impact his late father had on his life and career. Losing his father at just 16, Angle credits this pivotal moment as the catalyst for his remarkable transformation from a struggling young athlete into a world-renowned wrestling icon.

Contrary to popular belief, Angle admitted he wasn't always the standout athlete he is known as today. "I was the worst athlete in my family," he confessed, debunking myths perpetuated in the documentary "Angle." This candid admission paints a picture of a young Kurt Angle grappling with self-doubt and underperformance in a family of accomplished athletes.

His father's unexpected death during his freshman year in high school, however, turned his world upside down.

Father's Prophetic Motivation

Reflecting on a conversation a year before his father's passing, Angle shared a poignant memory.

"He told me, 'You're gonna be the one,'" Angle recalled. This statement, although cryptic at the time, fueled Angle's motivation and drive. It marked the beginning of his journey from self-professed 'crybaby' to a champion in the wrestling arena.

Determined to fulfill his father's prophecy, Angle dedicated himself to his craft, ultimately achieving fame and success in the wrestling world, thus upholding his father's belief in him. Kurt Angle's story also touches upon his father's struggles with alcoholism.

Despite this, he described his father as a 'functional alcoholic,' who maintained his responsibilities at work and in the church. This aspect of his father's life, intertwined with the realm of sports, offers a nuanced view of the personal challenges that shaped Angle's early life.

Angle also spoke about his relationship with TKO chairman Vince McMahon, whom he regards as a father figure, drawing parallels between McMahon's influence and that of his biological father. This relationship highlights the importance of mentorship in Angle's life, further underscoring the role of father figures in shaping his path to success.

As Angle's story unfolds, it becomes evident that his father's legacy lives on through his achievements, embodying a testament to the power of belief, resilience, and the unbreakable bond between a father and son.

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