Tony Khan on Ronda Rousey's Status Post-ROH Debut


Tony Khan on Ronda Rousey's Status Post-ROH Debut
Tony Khan on Ronda Rousey's Status Post-ROH Debut © Ronda Rousey/Twitter

In a surprising development within the pro wrestling world, Ronda Rousey and Marina Shafir teamed up for a tag team clash against Athena and Billie Starkz at Pro Wrestling Revolver's Unreal event. Rousey's involvement in the wrestling scene didn't stop there; she also made an unexpected appearance at the latest Ring of Honor (ROH) taping, sparking curiosity about her contractual status.

Rousey's ROH debut, a former WWE superstar, was not just for show. It served a specific purpose, tying up loose ends in an ongoing storyline. This appearance was particularly notable as it intersected with her participation in the Wrestling REVOLVER event, setting the stage for a confrontation in ROH, where Athena reigns as the Women's Champion and Billie Starkz acts as her ally.

Khan Discusses Rousey's Role

At the AEW Full Gear press conference, Tony Khan, AEW's President, addressed inquiries about Rousey's association with AEW. Khan confirmed that while Rousey isn't officially signed with AEW, her presence in the ring was a strategic choice.

He expressed enthusiasm for her participation and openness to future collaborations, citing the positive response from fans and the convenience of her local residence as facilitating factors for her involvement. Khan elaborated, explaining the narrative reasoning behind Rousey's ROH appearance.

He highlighted the unfinished business between the wrestlers and the excitement generated by settling their rivalry in the ROH ring. The tag team matchup featuring Rousey and Shafir against Athena and Starkz was designed to capitalize on this storyline, enhancing the entertainment value for fans.

As the wrestling community buzzes with speculation, it's clear that Rousey's recent forays into the ring have made a significant impact. Although her immediate future with AEW remains uncertain, her appearances have undoubtedly stirred interest and discussion among fans and commentators alike.

As the wrestling landscape continues to evolve, enthusiasts and analysts will be keenly observing Rousey's next moves. Her recent engagements in the wrestling world, albeit not under a formal AEW contract, suggest an intriguing trajectory for her career, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next appearance in the ring.

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