Booker T Defends Roman Reigns' WWE Tenure

Exploring the dynamics of WWE's top-tier talent schedules.

by Noman Rasool
Booker T Defends Roman Reigns' WWE Tenure
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Roman Reigns has firmly established himself as the face of WWE, holding the prestigious Undisputed Universal Championship for over three years. Unlike many of his counterparts, Reigns enjoys the privilege of a lighter schedule, participating in only 11 matches this year.

This is a significant drop from the 52 matches in 2022 and 61 in 2021, sparking debates about his limited presence. Booker T, a respected voice in wrestling and host of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, defends Reigns' schedule.

He points to wrestling legend Hulk Hogan as a precedent, noting that Hogan often appeared in fewer than 11 televised matches annually during his prime years from 1988 to 1991. Booker T mistakenly believed Reigns had wrestled 22 times this year, yet his argument remains valid.

Furthering his defense, Booker T cites the example of boxing champion Larry Holmes, who dominated from 1978 to 1985. He suggests that long reigns inevitably lead to periods where fans yearn for a title change. This, according to Booker T, is a natural ebb and flow in the world of sports entertainment.

Reigns' Reign Debated

Booker T emphasizes the importance of recognizing Reigns’ drawing power and the balance of pros and cons in his reduced schedule. He implies that the complaints stem more from fans' desire to see Reigns in action rather than a critique of his performance or commitment.

"It's just that simple; it's the way it works, it's a pecking order, and right now, Roman is the guy," Booker T states. He acknowledges the inevitability of change, predicting that eventually, another star will rise to Reigns' current status.

In the broader context of WWE, Reigns' situation raises questions about the nature of stardom and the expectations placed on top athletes. As the industry evolves, the balance between maintaining athlete well-being and meeting audience expectations continues to be a topic of discussion among fans and insiders alike.

This evolving dynamic underlines the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling, where the demands of the ring meet the realities of entertainment.

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