Clash of Titans: DIY Targets Imperium at Survivor Series

Wrestling fans anticipate a thrilling tag team rivalry clash.

by Noman Rasool
Clash of Titans: DIY Targets Imperium at Survivor Series
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In a significant development for the wrestling world, Mercedes Moné, renowned for her in-ring prowess, is poised for a comeback following a hiatus due to a broken ankle injury. Her recovery, marked by successful surgery, has sparked widespread speculation about her next career move, with many fans and insiders anticipating a possible shift to AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

Mercedes Moné's presence at AEW's All-In event at Wembley Stadium in August only fueled these rumors. Despite her recovery, her attendance was seen as a hint of her interest in the promotion, leading to heightened expectations among the wrestling community.

DIY vs. Imperium Showdown

At the recent AEW Full Gear press conference, Tony Khan, the president of AEW, addressed these speculations head-on. When questioned about the possibility of Mercedes Moné joining AEW, Khan confirmed having discussions with Moné and expressed his admiration and respect for her talents.

"I have a lot of respect for Mercedes Moné. We would welcome her at any time in AEW," Khan remarked. He further highlighted her experience with NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling), AEW's partner, underlining her potential value to the AEW roster.

Mercedes Moné has left a significant mark in the wrestling world through her dynamic performances and has been a sought-after athlete in the industry. Her confirmation of a return to professional wrestling next year has set the stage for intense speculation about her destination.

While AEW appears to be a strong contender, the final decision remains mysterious. This news comes when AEW continues to expand its reach and roster, bringing in talent that adds depth and diversity to its already impressive lineup.

Adding a wrestler of Moné's caliber would be a notable enhancement to AEW's women's division, which has been growing in prominence and skill level. As the wrestling world eagerly awaits Mercedes Moné's next move, her potential involvement with AEW could significantly shift the dynamics of women's professional wrestling.

Her decision, expected to be announced in the coming months, will undoubtedly be a central talking point among fans and professionals.

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