The People's Champion: How The Rock Earned His Iconic WWE Title

From Wrestling to Hollywood: Johnson's Impactful Career Journey

by Noman Rasool
The People's Champion: How The Rock Earned His Iconic WWE Title
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In a fascinating revelation on "The Joe Rogan Experience," Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared the story behind his iconic WWE nickname, "The People's Champion," tracing its origins to none other than boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Johnson, a renowned actor and legendary professional wrestler, explained that the moniker was initially adopted during his heel turn in the WWE, specifically when he was part of the Nation of Domination. He used the title to provoke the audience, stating, "I started calling myself 'The People's Champion' just to people off...

It's not a white thing, not a black thing, it's a respect thing." The nickname's deeper connection was revealed during a wrestling event in Louisville, Kentucky, attended by Ali's family. Johnson recounted the pivotal moment he asked for Ali's blessing to use the title.

"I told his wife that I used 'The People's Champion' as a homage to Muhammad Ali. I said if he disapproves, I'll stop using it." The response he received was heartwarming: Ali himself had endorsed Johnson's use of the name.

Rise of 'The People's Champ

Johnson's journey as 'The People's Champion' was a significant turning point in his WWE career. His heel character, which began with the Nation of Domination in 1997, marked the start of his meteoric rise in wrestling.

The moniker played a crucial role in his portrayal as a polarizing figure, eliciting strong reactions from the WWE Universe. The legacy of "The People's Champion" moniker extends beyond the ring, symbolizing a bridge between two iconic figures in sports history - Muhammad Ali and Dwayne Johnson.

This connection highlights the respect and admiration Johnson has for Ali, not only as an athlete but as a global icon who represented the people. Furthermore, Johnson's ability to navigate both his wrestling persona and his subsequent acting career demonstrates his versatility and the enduring appeal of his WWE character.

His successful transition from the ring to the screen, where he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, is a testament to his enduring charisma and the power of a well-crafted persona. As Johnson's story unfolds, it's evident that 'The People's Champion' is more than just a nickname.

It's a tribute to a legend, a clever wrestling tactic, and a symbol of the enduring impact of Johnson's career in entertainment and sports.

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