Lexis King Wrestling Odyssey: From the Indies to WWE Stardom


Lexis King Wrestling Odyssey: From the Indies to WWE Stardom
Lexis King Wrestling Odyssey: From the Indies to WWE Stardom © Halloween Hovac/Twitter

Rising wrestling sensation Lexis King, previously recognized as Brian Pillman Jr., marked a significant milestone with his official WWE NXT debut last month. King, who showcased his prowess by defeating Dante Chen at "NXT" Halloween Havoc, has traversed a unique path through the wrestling world before arriving at WWE.

His journey, enriched with experiences from Major League Wrestling (MLW), All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and numerous independent circuits, has been a testament to his dedication and evolving skill set. In a revealing interview on "The Hall of Fame" podcast, King delved into his career trajectory, which culminated in his WWE signing in 2023.

Reflecting on his early opportunities, King shared, "At about 23 or 24, I had a chance to train here, but it seemed premature. Embracing the philosophy of 'despising a free lunch,' I felt that entering WWE at that point would be too soon, considering my raw experience.

I needed to truly appreciate and respect the industry before taking such a leap. That led me to the indies, where my passion for wrestling truly ignited."

King's AEW Evolution

King's professional wrestling career began to flourish when he signed with MLW in 2018.

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought MLW's operations to a halt, opening the door for King to explore opportunities with AEW. His stint with AEW, following the expiration of his MLW contract, was a period of substantial growth and learning.

It was there that King honed his skills alongside industry veterans like Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley, gaining insights from mentors such as Jerry Lynn and Billy Gunn. By the summer of 2023, King's contract with AEW concluded, setting the stage for his much-anticipated WWE debut.

His transition to WWE is not just a new chapter in his career but a milestone in his journey through the diverse realms of professional wrestling. King's story, marked by persistence, learning, and a deep-seated love for the sport, serves as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers and a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of professional wrestling.


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