WWE Legend Labels Ronda Rousey Overrated

Rousey's Unexpected Ring Return Sparks Wrestling World Buzz

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Labels Ronda Rousey Overrated
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In a move that electrified wrestling fans, Ronda Rousey, the former UFC champion, made a stunning return to the ring. Her appearance at the Ring of Honor tapings on November 17th, where she teamed up with Marina Shafir to face off against Athena and Billie Starkz, marked a notable continuation of her wrestling journey since leaving WWE in August.

Ronda Rousey's recent return to the wrestling world, showcasing her unique blend of skill and star power, captivated audiences and underscored her undeniable presence in the sports entertainment industry. Rousey, who achieved iconic status during her tenure in the UFC, brought the same intensity and athleticism that made her a household name in mixed martial arts to the wrestling ring.

This transition from the UFC octagon to professional wrestling has been a subject of widespread discussion and intrigue among both fans and experts.

Bischoff Critiques Rousey's Impact

Eric Bischoff, a renowned wrestling personality, shared his candid views on Rousey's wrestling career on the podcast "83 Weeks".

Bischoff remarked on Rousey's transition from an accomplished mixed martial artist and judo champion to a professional wrestler. Despite acknowledging her athletic prowess, he expressed reservations about her impact in WWE, suggesting that her star power didn't fully resonate with the wrestling audience.

According to Bischoff, while Rousey received significant promotion in WWE, there seemed to be a missing element in her connection with the fans. In the wake of Rousey's appearance in ROH, speculation abounded about her potential association with AEW.

Addressing these rumors, Tony Khan, at the Full Gear media scrum, clarified that while Rousey isn't currently signed with AEW, there have been productive discussions about future collaboration. Rousey's journey in professional wrestling continues to be a compelling narrative.

Her ability to draw attention and debate is undeniable, whether it's her in-ring performance or the potential of joining forces with AEW. As the wrestling world watches, Rousey's next steps remain a topic of keen interest, potentially shaping the future of women's wrestling.

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