Shayna Baszler Bites Becky Lynch: WWE's Trend-Setting Strategy


Shayna Baszler Bites Becky Lynch: WWE's Trend-Setting Strategy
Shayna Baszler Bites Becky Lynch: WWE's Trend-Setting Strategy © Tom/Twitter

In a strikingly bold move designed to make waves, WWE orchestrated Shayna Baszler's main roster debut to be nothing short of a viral sensation. Baszler, also known as the 'Queen of Spades', lived up to the expectations with an unforgettable entrance.

On February 10, 2020, during an episode of Raw, Baszler left an indelible mark by attacking Becky Lynch, the reigning Raw Women's Champion at the time. The moment that sealed her dramatic entrance was when Baszler bit Lynch's neck, a move that instantly ignited social media and wrestling forums alike.

Reflecting on this moment nearly four years later, Baszler's debut is still etched in the minds of WWE fans as one of the most startling and memorable. In a recent conversation with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Baszler divulged insights into the thought process behind this controversial action.

WWE's intention was clear: they wanted Baszler to create a Twitter storm. "They were aiming for something that would catapult me into social media fame," Baszler stated. "I suggested my signature arm stomp, but they had something more sensational in mind.

They wanted me to become the Mike Tyson of the women's division. I was initially skeptical, but the Twitter trend spoke for itself."

Baszler's Bite: Video Game Suggestion

Baszler acknowledged that she was following directions during her audacious attack on Lynch.

She humorously suggested that this notorious bite should be incorporated into her character's moveset in future WWE 2K video games. Following the infamous bite, Baszler continued her ascent in WWE, triumphing in that year's Women's Elimination Chamber match.

She made history by being the first woman to eliminate every other competitor in the Chamber match. Her momentum carried her to WrestleMania 36, where she faced off against Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship, although Lynch managed to retain her title.

Despite not capturing a singles championship on the main roster yet, Baszler's impact in WWE is undeniable. She has multiple WWE Women's Tag Team Championship reigns to her name, proving her versatility and dominance in the ring.

Her journey from NXT to the main roster has been marked by moments of controversy, excitement, and undeniable skill, making her one of the most compelling figures in modern WWE.

Shayna Baszler Becky Lynch

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