Jim Cornette Criticizes AEW Star for Being Foolish and Offensive


Jim Cornette Criticizes AEW Star for Being Foolish and Offensive
Jim Cornette Criticizes AEW Star for Being Foolish and Offensive © WWE/Youtube

In a recent episode of "The Jim Cornette Experience," renowned wrestling commentator Jim Cornette shared his unfiltered views on a recent Texas Death Match between Adam Page and Swerve Strickland, featured in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

This match was characterized by extreme measures, including the use of a staple gun, broken glass, barbed wire, and notably, Page drinking Strickland’s blood. Cornette, known for his forthright opinions, expressed his disapproval of these antics, especially criticizing the use of the staple gun.

Cornette questioned the logic behind using a staple gun in a wrestling match, particularly when more direct, physical attacks could be more effective and realistic. He described the action as both participants allowing each other to inflict pain in a manner that seemed staged, thereby undermining the authenticity of the fight.

This commentary by Cornette brings to light the ongoing debate about the boundaries of realism and entertainment in professional wrestling.

Cornette Slams Graphic Display

Further escalating his critique, Cornette condemned the act of Page drinking Strickland’s blood.

He suggested that such graphic displays could alienate certain sections of the audience, including female viewers, and potentially jeopardize AEW’s chances of securing future television deals. His comments echo concerns about wrestling content crossing the line into overly graphic territory, which historically led to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) losing a potential deal with The CW network due to similarly controversial content in their pay-per-view events.

This match, with its extreme and controversial elements, stands as a significant point of discussion in the wrestling community. It not only highlights the evolving nature of professional wrestling entertainment but also raises questions about the impact of such content on broader audiences and potential business partnerships.

As the industry continues to navigate the balance between shock value and mass appeal, the reactions and analyses from figures like Jim Cornette provide valuable insights into the complexities of professional wrestling as both a sport and a form of entertainment.

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