Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Weighs In on Modern Use of the DDT in AEW


Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Weighs In on Modern Use of the DDT in AEW
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In a recent interview with "WrestlingNewsCo," legendary wrestler Jake 'The Snake' Roberts expressed his dissatisfaction with the way his iconic finishing move, the DDT, is being employed in today's professional wrestling landscape.

The DDT, once a devastating match-ender in Roberts' heyday, has evolved into a more commonplace maneuver used as a transitional move or to secure near-falls. Roberts, known for his cunning in-ring psychology, stated, "It doesn't please me.

I think it's a waste of a great move. But there's a lot of great moves that are being wasted today, not just the DDT." The wrestling veteran's sentiments reflect a broader concern among wrestling legends about the evolution of finishing moves and their diminishing impact in modern wrestling.

Finisher Move Critiques

The Canadian Destroyer, another memorable finisher, has also become a frequently used move during matches, drawing criticism from former wrestlers like Bully Ray, who claims it has been "prostituted" and "watered down." Shawn Michaels, on the other hand, has acknowledged the prevalence of the superkick in today's wrestling but views it as a form of flattery and homage to his own career.

Despite his reservations about the current use of the DDT, Roberts acknowledged a silver lining, saying, "Having said that, I hope to hell they keep using it because every time they use it, it just brings my name back into the situation, and that's a good thing.

That's a good thing in the days of everything online. Get your name said, man. That's all you need." As wrestling continues to evolve, the debate over the utilization of iconic finishing moves like the DDT persists. While some argue that their frequent use dilutes their impact, others see it as a tribute to the legends who popularized these moves.

The ongoing discussion highlights the enduring influence of wrestling history on the sport's ever-changing landscape. In an era where wrestling content proliferates online, keeping legends like Jake 'The Snake' Roberts relevant through the continued use of his signature move demonstrates the enduring power of wrestling history in a rapidly evolving industry.