Gunther Critiques Miz's WWE Era


Gunther Critiques Miz's WWE Era
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In a recent captivating interview with Chris Van Vliet, WWE superstar Gunther delved deep into the ongoing rivalry with The Miz, ahead of their much-anticipated match at Survivor Series. Gunther, known as 'The Ring General', candidly expressed his views on WWE's evolution and his personal journey in professional wrestling.

Reflecting on his early career, Gunther admitted to a period where WWE failed to capture his interest, attributing this disconnection to the company's direction at the time. "I distinctly recall a phase, possibly around 2010 to 2012, where WWE didn't align with my preferences.

My passion was rooted in Japanese wrestling and the indie circuit. This divergence in taste notably coincided with The Miz's prominence, whom I viewed as the epitome of that WWE era," Gunther explained. Despite their contrasting paths, Gunther acknowledged the significance of facing The Miz, especially with the Intercontinental Championship at stake.

He sees this match as a defining moment to establish the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. "Facing The Miz is not just a clash in the ring; it's a convergence of two distinct wrestling philosophies. My journey was largely outside WWE's realm, carving my niche in NXT UK and beyond.

In contrast, The Miz is a testament to WWE's developmental success, evolving into one of the most celebrated figures in the industry," he added.

Gunther vs. Miz: Era Clash

Gunther's respect for The Miz's accomplishments within WWE is evident, recognizing him as a benchmark for success in and out of the ring.

This upcoming match at Survivor Series isn't merely about titles; it's a validation of Gunther's unique approach to wrestling against WWE's homegrown talent. This showdown between Gunther and The Miz at Survivor Series is shaping up to be a monumental event, blending the legacy of WWE's past with the emerging era. Fans eagerly anticipating this matchup can stay updated with Fightful's comprehensive coverage of the event.

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