Johnny Gargano Previews WarGames Ahead of WWE Survivor Series


Johnny Gargano Previews WarGames Ahead of WWE Survivor Series
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Johnny Gargano, a seasoned WWE NXT veteran who has experienced the grueling WarGames match, recently shared insights into what wrestlers can expect from this brutal encounter at the upcoming Survivor Series. During a discussion on the "Battleground Podcast," Gargano emphasized that preparing for WarGames is a challenge in itself.

Gargano candidly stated, "It hurts a lot... how do you prepare for WarGames? I don't know that you can." He went on to explain the sheer physical toll the match takes, saying, "You have to be prepared that you are not going to go into that cage the same way you come out – you are going to be a different person after WarGames." Reflecting on his own experience, Gargano recalled that his WarGames match in 2021 took place just as his WWE NXT contract was expiring.

Knowing that he might not wrestle the following day, he was willing to "throw caution to the wind" during the intense encounter.

Survivor Series WarGames Showdowns

At Survivor Series, two WarGames matches are set to unfold in Chicago, Illinois.

In the men's match, The Judgment Day will face an all-star lineup of fan-favorite babyfaces. Similarly, in the women's contest, Damage CTRL will clash with four red-hot fan favorites. These matches are known for their grueling length, often lasting well over 30 minutes and occasionally nearing an hour.

Competitors will need to endure significant adversity in their quest to secure victory for their respective teams. As WarGames matches are synonymous with physicality and unpredictability, they remain a highly anticipated spectacle for WWE fans.

With Survivor Series just around the corner, the excitement and anticipation for these two intense battles inside the WarGames cage are building. In related content, it's worth noting that Survivor Series has a rich history of iconic moments and matchups, making it one of WWE's most celebrated pay-per-view events.

This year's edition promises to deliver more thrilling action and memorable moments, with the WarGames matches taking center stage as a testament to the enduring legacy of this event. Wrestling enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting November's showdown in Chicago.

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