Ronda Rousey Finds Ideal Wrestling Home in Ring Of Honor


Ronda Rousey Finds Ideal Wrestling Home in Ring Of Honor
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In an unforeseen twist in the world of professional wrestling, Ronda Rousey, previously a dominant figure in WWE, made a surprise debut in Ring of Honor (ROH) on November 17, 2023. This appearance, following a stint in independent circuits like Wrestling REVOLVER, caught fans off guard during a ROH taping post-AEW’s Collision/Rampage event.

Teaming up with Marina Shafir, another member of the Four Horsewomen, Rousey earned a victory over Billie Starkz and ROH Women’s World Champion, Athena. Post-match developments hinted at a potential championship clash at the upcoming Final Battle PPV in December.

Rousey's ROH Presence: A Fresh Start?

Following what many deemed a lackluster second WWE run as the SmackDown Women's Champion, Rousey's arrival at ROH signals a new chapter. Her tenure in WWE, marred by controversial bookings and fan disillusionment, stood in stark contrast to her initial, more acclaimed run.

ROH, known for its emphasis on in-ring performance, offers Rousey a platform to reignite her passion for wrestling and showcase her prowess with greater creative freedom – a stark departure from WWE's often restrictive approach.

Tony Khan's Interest and the AEW Equation

While Tony Khan, the influential figure behind AEW, has expressed interest in Rousey, her transition to AEW's currently underwhelming women's division could be premature. Rousey's presence in ROH, where women wrestlers receive more spotlight and development, seems a more strategic choice.

AEW's women's division, still evolving and often overshadowed by male counterparts, could benefit from further refinement before integrating a high-profile athlete like Rousey.

Rousey's Impact on ROH: A Win-Win Scenario

Rousey's star power brings a new level of excitement to ROH, potentially drawing more viewers and subscribers to its Honor Club service.

Her presence not only revitalizes interest in the promotion but also offers her a chance to rebuild her brand away from the critical eye often associated with larger promotions like AEW or WWE. As ROH continues to evolve, Rousey's role could be pivotal in elevating the status of its women's division, proving beneficial for both her career trajectory and the promotion’s growth. Fans and critics alike will be watching closely as Ronda Rousey embarks on this new chapter in her wrestling journey.

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