Jake Roberts Recounts Career's Most Devastating Injury in Candid Interview

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by Noman Rasool
Jake Roberts Recounts Career's Most Devastating Injury in Candid Interview
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In a revealing interview with WrestlingNewsCo, WWE Hall of Famer and current All Elite Wrestling star Jake "The Snake" Roberts opened up about the most harrowing injury of his storied career. Recalling a notorious 1987 incident, Roberts confirmed that a guitar strike to the head by The Honky Tonk Man, during one of his "Snake Pit" segments, was indeed the worst injury he ever suffered.

Describing the moment with vivid detail, Roberts recounted how the impact of the solid guitar, which he said was half an inch thick and coated with fiberglass, sent his body into immediate shock. "It nearly killed me, man," he admitted, revealing that the aftermath of the incident was a prolonged state of daze and confusion, as his body struggled to cope with the shock.

The severity of the injury was such that he was finding pieces of fiberglass embedded in his skin weeks later.

Unresolved Rivalry and Consequences

Despite the gravity of the incident, Roberts revealed that he never received an apology from the Honky Tonk Man, a detail that adds a layer of personal strain to the professional rivalry.

The former NWA National Television Champion lamented the long-term impact of the injury, noting that it took a significant toll on his physical capabilities. Adding to the complexity of the story, earlier this year, Roberts shared more details about the incident.

He labeled the guitar hit as a "chicken s**t shot" and disclosed that it resulted in damage to his C6 and C7 vertebrae, leading to persistent pain. In contrast, in 2018, the Honky Tonk Man refuted claims of causing injury with the guitar shot, a statement that stands in stark contrast to Roberts' account.

This incident not only highlights the physical risks inherent in professional wrestling but also underscores the long-term consequences that such in-ring moments can have on the health and well-being of wrestlers. As the industry continues to evolve, with increased focus on safety and wellness, stories like Roberts' serve as a poignant reminder of the journey the sport has taken and the ongoing need for vigilance in protecting its performers.

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