Matt Hardy Discusses the Unsuccessful WWE Stints of Diamond Dallas Page and Goldberg


Matt Hardy Discusses the Unsuccessful WWE Stints of Diamond Dallas Page and Goldberg
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In a candid revelation on "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the WWE veteran Matt Hardy delved into the reasons behind the less-than-stellar runs of former WCW and ECW stars, including Diamond Dallas Page and Bill Goldberg, during WWE's infamous Invasion storyline.

This narrative offers a unique insider's perspective on a pivotal era in professional wrestling history, marked by a perceived hierarchy within Vince McMahon's WWE. The Invasion storyline, a significant chapter in WWE's history, saw an influx of talent from the dissolved WCW and ECW promotions.

However, these stars often found themselves portrayed as secondary to WWE's homegrown talent, a strategy seemingly rooted in McMahon's preference for wrestlers groomed within the WWE system. Hardy's insights suggest that McMahon's pride in his television product influenced his perception of the WCW and ECW stars, requiring them to adapt to the WWE style and ethos to gain acceptance.

DDP's Challenging WWE Transition

One of the most notable examples Hardy cited was Diamond Dallas Page's transition to WWE. In WCW, Page resonated with fans as a relatable everyman who defied odds, yet his WWE tenure was marred by a controversial stalker storyline involving The Undertaker's then-wife.

This creative direction starkly contrasted with Page's established WCW persona, leading to a disconnect with the WWE audience. Similarly, Bill Goldberg, known in WCW for his short, dominant matches, faced challenges adapting to WWE's preference for longer, more competitive bouts.

Goldberg's signature style, which contributed to his meteoric rise in WCW, didn't align with WWE's storytelling approach at the time. His initial WWE stint, therefore, lacked the impact many anticipated following his successful WCW career.

Hardy's commentary sheds light on the complex dynamics of integrating talent from different wrestling backgrounds into WWE's unique entertainment framework. This period in wrestling history underscores the challenges faced by performers in adapting to new environments, as well as the creative decisions that can significantly influence a wrestler's career trajectory.

As WWE continues to evolve, the lessons from the Invasion storyline remain a fascinating study in wrestling history and McMahon's vision for his brand.

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