Roman Reigns to Skip Major WWE Event


Roman Reigns to Skip Major WWE Event
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WWE's global expansion continues to captivate European wrestling enthusiasts, as the organization gears up for its first-ever major televised event in Germany. However, a notable absence could be felt at the upcoming Bash in Berlin, scheduled for August 31, 2024, at the Mercedes Benz Arena.

Amid the buzz of WWE's international ventures, sources suggest that Roman Reigns, WWE's top star, might not be part of this historic event. Following a series of missed appearances in 2023, Reigns' potential absence is drawing attention, particularly as WWE competes with AEW for the European market.

AEW plans to host its second event at Wembley Stadium just six days prior, intensifying the competition. WWE's strategic scheduling of Bash in Berlin is seen as an attempt to captivate fans opting between the two shows. However, promotional materials for the Berlin event noticeably lack Reigns' presence, raising speculation about his participation.

Reigns' Uncertain Berlin Future

Reigns, currently enjoying an over 1,170-day reign as the Undisputed Universal Champion, is a pivotal figure in WWE's roster. His absence could impact the company's efforts to draw in fans, especially with WrestleMania 40 on the horizon.

WWE's decision not to feature Reigns prominently in the event's marketing could hint at a shift in the landscape within the organization. Despite Reigns' potential absence, the Bash in Berlin lineup looks robust. Stars like Charlotte Flair, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, LA Knight, and Jimmy Uso have been featured on the event's poster, indicating their likely participation.

Additionally, Austrian star and current Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER is expected to receive a hero's welcome in Berlin, mirroring WWE's strategy of highlighting local talents like Drew McIntyre in Wales. As WWE continues its global outreach, the dynamic of its roster and the impact of top talents like Reigns will be crucial in maintaining momentum.

The coming months leading to the Bash in Berlin are likely to unveil more about Reigns' status and WWE's strategies in the ever-competitive wrestling entertainment industry. Stay tuned for more updates as WWE writes another chapter in its international expansion narrative.

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