Jey Uso Eyes Intercontinental Title


Jey Uso Eyes Intercontinental Title
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In the dynamic world of WWE, Jey Uso, one half of the record-setting WWE Tag Team Champions, is steering his career in a new direction. Renowned for his tag team prowess alongside his brother, Jimmy Uso, Jey is now venturing into the realm of singles competition with his eyes firmly set on the prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

In an exclusive interview with Carl Lamarre for Billboard, Jey Uso expressed his ambitious drive to capture the Intercontinental title, a championship steeped in history and prestige. "The IC [Intercontinental Championship] title is at the top of my list," Uso stated emphatically.

His determination is fueled by a legacy of greatness, citing inspirations from within his family - his father and his uncle, Umaga, both former IC champions - to wrestling legends like Shawn Michaels and his personal idol, Razor Ramon.

Uso's desire to join these ranks of greatness isn't just a personal goal; it's a testament to his evolution as a performer. With a history of headlining major WWE events this year, including WrestleMania and SummerSlam, Jey Uso is no stranger to the spotlight.

His next major appearance will be at Survivor Series, where he will participate in the high-stakes men's WarGames Match.

Jey Uso's Solo Ascent

As Jey Uso steps out of the tag team shadow to forge his path as a singles competitor, he's not just chasing gold; he's aiming to etch his name in the annals of WWE history.

"That's Pay-Per-View material right there," Uso confidently declared, underscoring his readiness for the challenge ahead. Gunther, the current titleholder, is now in Uso's crosshairs, setting the stage for a potential showdown that could redefine Uso's career.

As Uso embarks on this new chapter, the WWE Universe is eager to witness his journey. Will he capture the Intercontinental Championship and continue the legacy of the greats before him? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Jey Uso is ready to make his mark as a solo superstar.

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