Lex Luger Praises Cody Rhodes as a 'Generational Star'


Lex Luger Praises Cody Rhodes as a 'Generational Star'
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In a recent episode of his "Lex Expressed" podcast, wrestling icon Lex Luger expressed profound admiration for WWE superstar Cody Rhodes, hailing him as a "generational star." Luger's commendation follows reports that Rhodes leads WWE in merchandise sales for 2023.

Furthermore, Luger anticipates a highly-anticipated rematch between Rhodes and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Luger, known for his illustrious career in wrestling, commended Rhodes for his deep respect for the industry, a trait ingrained in him from his familial wrestling lineage.

"I'm a huge Cody Rhodes fan," Luger stated, emphasizing Rhodes's blend of confidence and charisma, elements he believes are crucial for a star's connection with the audience. Luger likened Rhodes's approach to wrestling legends like "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Sting, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and charismatic personas.

Reflecting on his journey in wrestling, Luger acknowledged that while his in-ring skills were not the most expansive, his self-assurance and presence established him as a top-tier wrestler. He sees similar qualities in Rhodes, whose confidence and commitment to the sport resonate strongly with fans.

Rhodes: Standout Performer

According to Luger, Rhodes's ability to connect with the audience and his dedication to every aspect of his character, from his wrestling attire to his in-ring performance, set him apart as a standout performer.

This comprehensive approach to wrestling, Luger suggests, is what defines a "generational star" like Rhodes. Luger also discussed the potential outcome of Rhodes's anticipated rematch at WrestleMania. He expressed confidence that regardless of the result, Rhodes's star power and consistent performance ensure his enduring success in the wrestling world.

"If he wins the rematch, great. He's becoming one of those generational stars; I don't think there's going to be any stopping Cody," Luger concluded, signaling a bright future for "The American Nightmare." This endorsement from a wrestling legend like Lex Luger cements Cody Rhodes's status as a leading figure in the industry and forecasts an exciting trajectory for his career, particularly as fans eagerly await his next big move at WrestleMania.

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