WWE Survivor Series Teases Main Roster Debuts for Two Teams


WWE Survivor Series Teases Main Roster Debuts for Two Teams
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WWE fans were given a tantalizing hint over Thanksgiving as the Survivor Series program dropped some significant clues about potential roster shake-ups. A recent reveal from the insider source WrestleVotes uncovered that the Survivor Series program, a staple at WWE events that lists the entire active roster, included two noteworthy additions.

These additions have sparked considerable excitement among fans and pundits alike, pointing toward the imminent arrival of two distinguished teams on the main roster. The first of these teams is Gallus, a dominant force from NXT U.K., renowned for their unyielding presence and impressive track record in the now-defunct brand.

Gallus, known for their raw power and strategic prowess in the ring, has been a subject of speculation for some time regarding their move to the main roster. Their inclusion in the Survivor Series program is a clear indicator that their debut on the main stage may be just around the corner.

AOP's Anticipated Return

The second team making headlines is The Authors of Pain (AOP), former tag team champions who have recently resigned from WWE. Despite their low profile since rejoining the company, the buzz around their potential return has been building steadily.

Fans of AOP remember their dominating style and their sheer impact during their previous tenure. Their addition to the Survivor Series program is seen as a hint that their return to WWE television is imminent, promising to add a new layer of excitement and competition to the tag team division.

Including both Gallus and AOP in the Survivor Series program is not a small matter. Typically, the program reflects the current and active roster, and its contents are carefully curated. The addition of these teams could signify a significant shift in the WWE landscape, as both bring unique styles and a proven track record of excellence.

Fans eagerly await official confirmation and are excited to see how these teams will reshape the dynamics of WWE's main roster. This development has certainly set the wrestling community abuzz, as discussions and predictions about potential matchups and storylines begin to emerge.

As WWE continues to evolve and expand, adding Gallus and AOP could mark the beginning of a thrilling new chapter in professional wrestling.

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