Booker T Discusses Not Being Upset Over WWE WrestleMania 19 Match


Booker T Discusses Not Being Upset Over WWE WrestleMania 19 Match
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In the world of professional wrestling, few matches have sparked as much controversy and conversation as the infamous showdown between Triple H and Booker T at WrestleMania 19. The buildup to this pivotal match was fraught with tension, notably due to the racially charged narrative crafted by WWE.

This narrative reached a peak on the March 3, 2003 episode of "WWE Raw," where Triple H, embodying the villainous heel character, blatantly told Booker T that someone of his background couldn't aspire to be a World Champion.

His remarks, suggesting Booker should focus on entertaining rather than striving for the top spot in WWE, stirred significant backlash from fans and critics alike.

Booker T: No Resentment

Despite the contentious storyline, Booker T's failure to secure victory at WrestleMania 19 remains a topic of debate among wrestling enthusiasts.

Yet, Booker himself harbors no resentment towards WWE for the outcome. His recent discussion on "The Kurt Angle Show" shed light on his perspective. "People always bring up that match because of its intense, almost palpable build-up, centered around racial undertones," Booker T reflected.

He described the stark contrast between their characters: Triple H as the privileged elite and himself, a man who overcame a troubled past, including incarceration, to reach the pinnacle of professional wrestling. "Despite not clinching the win, I urge fans to rewatch the match.

It was a spectacle. We both gave it our all, and Triple H absorbed everything I threw at him." For Booker, the focus was never on the win-loss record but the unforgettable moments created in the ring. He acknowledged the widespread disappointment following his loss but maintained that the experience never cost him any sleep.

"That match yielded the biggest paycheck of my career for a single night's work. If anyone has grievances, they're not coming from me. I'd gladly repeat that experience every year," he declared. This candid revelation from Booker T not only highlights his professional ethos but also offers a unique insight into the often misunderstood world of professional wrestling, where storytelling and character portrayal often overshadow the win-loss record.

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