Booker T Shares His Views on WWE WrestleMania 19 Match Controversy


Booker T Shares His Views on WWE WrestleMania 19 Match Controversy
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In a candid revelation on "The Kurt Angle Show," WWE legend Booker T opened up about the memorable and contentious match against Triple H at WrestleMania 19. The build-up to this iconic showdown was mired in controversy, drawing criticism for its racially charged narrative.

Central to this was an episode of "WWE Raw" in March 2003, where Triple H's character, portraying a villain, starkly told Booker T that "somebody like you doesn't get to be a World Champion." This statement, alongside other demeaning comments, sparked widespread discussions about the storyline's racial undertones.

Despite the controversy and Booker T's eventual loss at WrestleMania 19, the wrestling icon maintains a surprising lack of resentment towards WWE. During his appearance on the podcast, Booker T offered insights into his mindset regarding that pivotal match and its aftermath.

"People always talk about that match because it had so much intensity and real feel going into it, you know, the whole black and white thing," Booker remarked. He reflected on the contrasting backgrounds of the characters – Triple H as the privileged individual and himself, emerging from a challenging past that included a stint in prison.

Booker T's WrestleMania Insight

Booker T's journey to WrestleMania was a narrative of overcoming odds, a story that resonated with many. Despite the outcome, he emphasized that the match itself was a remarkable showcase of skill and storytelling.

"I didn't win that night, but I always tell people, 'Go back and watch that match.' It was an awesome match. We went out there and let it all hang out, and Hunter took everything that night! I never cared about wins and losses.

I always thought about the moment," he explained. What's particularly noteworthy is Booker T's pragmatic view of the industry and his role in it. He acknowledges the disappointment of fans who wished for a different outcome but needs to be more focused on the loss, citing the significant financial gain from the event.

"That check ... the biggest check I've made for one night. If anybody's complaining, put me in that every year. I'd do the same thing!" he stated, highlighting his professional perspective. Booker T's reflections offer a rare glimpse into the mindset of a wrestling icon, providing fans and critics alike a deeper understanding of the intricacies and decisions behind one of WWE's most controversial storylines.

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