John Cena Honors Orton, HHH Lauds Knight, Uso Eyes McGregor for WWE


John Cena Honors Orton, HHH Lauds Knight, Uso Eyes McGregor for WWE
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Ahead of Randy Orton's much-awaited return to the ring at Survivor Series this Saturday, his long-time friend and adversary John Cena has taken to social media to express his gratitude towards Orton for his significant role in Cena's wrestling career.

In a heartfelt Thanksgiving message shared on X, previously known as Twitter, Cena highlighted his appreciation for those who have supported his journey, specifically mentioning Orton's impact during their early days in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

In a nostalgic nod to their shared history, Cena tweeted, "Cannot celebrate this day without being thankful for all the people who helped and grew along the way. Truly thankful for my time in OVW and @RandyOrton during those years.

Take a look back at our final match in OVW! Happy Thanksgiving!" The post also included a clip from their last OVW matchup, reminiscing their beginnings. Both Cena and Orton, who debuted on the WWE main roster in 2002, have since evolved into icons of the wrestling world.

Cena, now tied with Ric Flair for the most world title reigns at 16, and Orton, close behind with 14 titles, have etched their names in pro wrestling history. Their rivalry and matches over the years have been nothing short of legendary, making them each other's most formidable opponents.

Cena, who has recently taken a break from wrestling to focus on his acting career in Hollywood, coincidentally timed his hiatus with Orton's comeback. Orton, also known as The Apex Predator, is returning after an 18-month hiatus due to a back injury.

His anticipated comeback was announced on Monday's episode of Raw by Cody Rhodes, who revealed Orton as the fifth member of his WarGames team at Survivor Series. This news has undoubtedly stirred excitement among fans, eagerly awaiting Orton's return and potentially catching Cena's attention as well.

WWE's Evolving Stars

In related WWE news, LA Knight's rise to stardom has caught the eye of WWE's head of creative, Triple H. In a recent interview with Greg & The Morning Buzz, Triple H praised Knight's perseverance and hard work throughout his career.

Knight, having worked in various wrestling promotions like TNA and NWA, finally made his mark in WWE in 2021. His journey from NXT to becoming a fan favorite on the main roster, despite a brief stint as Max Dupri, demonstrates his resilience and popularity among WWE fans.

Knight's recent opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship is a testament to his growing prominence in the industry. Moreover, Jey Uso expressed his interest in seeing Conor McGregor step into the WWE universe.

In a conversation with, Uso named McGregor, the famed UFC fighter, as an ideal candidate to transition into sports entertainment, much like Logan Paul and Bad Bunny have successfully done. McGregor's dynamic presence and pre-fight theatrics align well with the WWE's entertainment ethos, making him a potential asset to the company, especially following the recent merger of WWE and UFC into TKO.

The synergy between these athletes' stories – Cena's recognition of Orton's role in his career, Knight's ascent under Triple H's guidance, and the prospect of McGregor's WWE debut – highlights the evolving landscape of professional wrestling and its continuous appeal to fans worldwide.

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