Sullivan: Sign CM Punk Now


Sullivan: Sign CM Punk Now
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In a recent episode of "Tuesday with The Taskmaster," Kevin Sullivan, a seasoned wrestling booker renowned for his tenure with WCW, offered intriguing insights about WWE's potential re-signing of CM Punk. Sullivan, known for managing big personalities like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, believes that despite WWE's recent financial success and growing popularity, bringing Punk back could further enhance the company's appeal.

WWE has been on a roll, setting financial records and witnessing increases in attendance, TV ratings, and social media presence. Nevertheless, Sullivan posits that a talent like Punk could amplify WWE's already thriving environment.

"You can never have too big of a lineup," Sullivan remarked, emphasizing the impact of acquiring unique talents. Interestingly, Sullivan would not immediately place Punk in main event storylines. Instead, he envisions a more nuanced approach, particularly effective if introduced in Chicago, Punk's hometown.

Sullivan proposes positioning Punk as a heel, a character who feels wronged by the wrestling industry and aims to transform it. This role, akin to a "pastor in the Church," would see Punk preaching his vision of what professional wrestling should be, while criticizing WWE's current direction.

Sullivan's Vision for Punk

Sullivan's strategy includes granting Punk the authority to form his own stable, further cementing his heel persona. This direction could offer a fresh narrative in WWE, attracting both existing fans and new viewers intrigued by Punk's controversial and charismatic character.

Sullivan's comments have stirred discussions among wrestling enthusiasts and insiders. His perspective, shaped by years of experience in handling top-tier wrestling talent, adds a unique angle to the ongoing debate about CM Punk's potential return to WWE.

As the wrestling world watches, the question remains: will WWE heed Sullivan's advice and how will it impact the already dynamic landscape of professional wrestling?

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