Bully Ray Hails Randy Orton as WWE's Ultimate 'Pure Pro Wrestler


Bully Ray Hails Randy Orton as WWE's Ultimate 'Pure Pro Wrestler
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WWE is gearing up for a significant boost with the highly anticipated return of Randy Orton at Survivor Series. The wrestling world has been abuzz with excitement as "The Viper" prepares to step back into the ring, marking his return after a year-long hiatus due to a back injury.

Bully Ray, a respected voice in the wrestling community, has recently showered praise on Randy Orton, dubbing him an "incredible pro wrestler." During an appearance on "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray compared Orton to his contemporaries who rose to prominence alongside him, including John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Jon Moxley.

While acknowledging that these superstars have carved out larger-than-life personas, Bully Ray was emphatic in his declaration that Randy Orton stands as the preeminent "pure pro wrestler" among them.

Orton's In-Ring Excellence

Orton's reputation as a master in the squared circle precedes him, with his smooth and technically proficient wrestling style earning him accolades throughout his career, including a remarkable 14 World Titles.

However, Bully Ray also noted that Orton hasn't always been known for showcasing a dynamic personality outside of the ring. "When we got Randy Orton, we got a great pro wrestling match, a technical pro wrestling match, a guy who was so smooth, so on his game, but there was nothing else there, there was no depth to Randy," Bully asserted.

Nevertheless, Bully Ray did commend Orton for exploring different facets of his character during his tag team partnership with Matt Riddle, a run that held promise. Unfortunately, Riddle's unexpected release during Orton's absence leaves the question of whether "The Viper" can recapture the same magic.

As fans eagerly await Randy Orton's return at Survivor Series, the wrestling world is buzzing with anticipation, wondering how the "incredible pro wrestler" will leave his mark once again. With his unparalleled in-ring skills and a hint of newfound character depth, the WWE landscape is in for an exciting evolution with Randy Orton's presence back in the mix.

Stay tuned for Survivor Series to witness the resurgence of "The Viper" and what he brings to the world of professional wrestling.

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