Vince McMahon's Infamous Mistake: Edge Reveals What Happened Next


Vince McMahon's Infamous Mistake: Edge Reveals What Happened Next
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In an unforeseen turn of events during a WWE match, wrestling mogul Vince McMahon found himself in the center of a comical and unexpected moment that left fans and fellow wrestlers both stunned and amused. The incident occurred during a match featuring John Cena and Batista, with McMahon making an unexpected appearance in the ring after the match's finish went awry, resulting in Cena and Batista's simultaneous elimination, contrary to the planned outcome.

However, McMahon's impromptu entry into the ring took an unexpected and humorous twist when he ended up tearing both of his quadriceps muscles, leading to a surreal and unforgettable scene inside the squared circle. In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes, WWE legend Edge, who had been eliminated from the match just moments before the unplanned double elimination, shared his backstage recollections of the aftermath.

He playfully recounted McMahon's iconic "power walk" to the ring, likening it to the imposing stride of Thanos, a fictional character known for his immense power in the Marvel Universe. Edge couldn't help but highlight McMahon's strength but also noted his lack of athleticism, jokingly suggesting that he wouldn't fare well in a basketball game.

McMahon's Surreal Backstage Ordeal

The backstage chaos that ensued after McMahon's injury was equally surreal. Edge vividly recalled the moment when McMahon attempted to stand up in the ring but faltered due to his torn quadriceps.

Edge's immediate reaction was to distance himself from the unexpected situation, retreating to the dressing room area. The severity of McMahon's injury was initially unknown to those present, and Edge vividly remembered the atmosphere backstage, with everyone cautioned not to enter the hallway.

McMahon, known for his stubborn determination, declined any assistance and managed to walk, despite his debilitating injury, to his car parked in the hallway. From there, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Edge's candid revelations provided fans with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of professional wrestling and the unexpected twists and turns that can occur both inside and outside the ring.

McMahon's unforgettable power walk and determination to soldier on with torn quadriceps left a lasting impression on all who witnessed the incident, making it a memorable moment in WWE history.

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