Johnny Gargano's Theory: Why Celebrities Make Good Wrestlers


Johnny Gargano's Theory: Why Celebrities Make Good Wrestlers
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When celebrities such as Logan Paul and Bad Bunny made their wrestling debuts in 2022 and 2021 respectively, the wrestling community voiced skepticism about outsiders taking the spotlight from full-time wrestling talents.

However, as time has unfolded, both Paul and Bad Bunny have demonstrated their dedication and prowess in the ring, evolving from being considered mere "celebrity" wrestlers to legitimate contributors in the world of professional wrestling.

WWE star Johnny Gargano is one of those who recognize and appreciate the unique value that figures like Paul and Bad Bunny bring to the wrestling industry. In a recent interview on the "Battleground Podcast," Gargano expressed his hopes for more outsiders to explore the craft of professional wrestling.

Gargano's perspective on this matter is grounded in the fact that both Bad Bunny and Logan Paul grew up as passionate wrestling fans. Beyond their fandom, they possess exceptional athleticism, a crucial attribute in the world of sports entertainment.

Gargano also credited former NFL punter Pat McAfee for setting a precedent and making it easier for outsiders to be accepted into the wrestling fold. McAfee's unwavering love for wrestling, combined with his athleticism and mindset, paved the way for others.

Key Celeb Wrestling Traits

In Gargano's words, "If you come into pro wrestling and you have a great mindset... if you genuinely love this, you want to be great at it, and you're athletic. I think those are the three traits that are really going to help celebrities and really have already helped celebrities." He further acknowledged the substantial impact that celebrities like Bad Bunny and Logan Paul have had on the wrestling world, asserting that they have set exceptionally high standards for any future outsiders looking to transition into the sport.

In particular, Gargano commended Logan Paul, who hails from Gargano's own hometown of Cleveland, for his remarkable achievements in the ring. Paul's crowning moment came when he captured the United States Championship from legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio at the Crown Jewel event.

"Logan Paul has taken that United States Championship everywhere he has gone, and he has gotten so many new eyes on that United States Championship. At the end of the day, he has put his all into our sport. He has had incredible matches.

People don't want to say it because he's Logan Paul or whatever, but he's absolutely killed it," Gargano emphasized. In essence, Johnny Gargano's perspective sheds light on the evolving role of celebrities in professional wrestling.

Their passion, athleticism, and commitment to the craft have redefined the industry's landscape, garnering respect and admiration from both fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

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