Zach Gowen Shares Details of a Wild Unaired WWE Segment with Brock Lesnar


Zach Gowen Shares Details of a Wild Unaired WWE Segment with Brock Lesnar
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In a recent riveting revelation on the "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" podcast, former WWE star Zach Gowen recounted an audacious, yet ultimately scrapped, plan involving himself and wrestling titan Brock Lesnar. This proposed stunt, straight out of a video game fantasy, would have seen Gowen, known for his inspiring one-legged wrestling prowess, being hurled off the iconic "SmackDown" fist through the stage by Lesnar.

Gowen, who had a notable feud with Lesnar in 2003, described the original concept in vivid detail, capturing the wild imagination that often fuels WWE storylines. "The original idea was for Brock Lesnar to F5 me off of the SmackDown fist through the stage.

That was the original idea," he shared, evoking images of the memorable set piece that has become synonymous with "SmackDown" history.

Scrapped Stunt Plan Revealed

The wrestler reminisced about how for a few weeks, the creative team at WWE toyed with the idea, envisioning a stunt that would have paralleled the daring feats of Shane McMahon and Jeff Hardy, known for their high-flying, risk-taking maneuvers.

However, the plan hit a roadblock when the logistics of executing such a complex stunt proved insurmountable. Gowen expressed a tinge of disappointment, having looked forward to partaking in such a spectacular moment. Ultimately, the storyline took a different turn.

In a segment orchestrated by Vince McMahon, Lesnar infamously pushed Gowen down a flight of stairs while he was in a wheelchair – a scene that, despite its shock value, was tamer compared to the initially planned spectacle.

Gowen disclosed that a stunt double was used for this particular sequence, a common practice in the industry to ensure the safety of performers. This anecdote sheds light on the intricate planning and frequent adjustments that go into crafting WWE's dramatic storylines.

It highlights the blend of creativity and practicality that defines professional wrestling, where the lines between reality and spectacle are often thrillingly blurred. As such, this peek behind the curtain offers fans a deeper appreciation of the artistry and athleticism inherent in professional wrestling.

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