Top Dolla Advocates for Unique Intergender Match in WWE


Top Dolla Advocates for Unique Intergender Match in WWE
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In a recent appearance on the "Ten Count" podcast, AJ Francis, formerly known as Top Dolla in WWE, shared his bold idea for a captivating intergender match in the world of professional wrestling. He suggested a showdown between Bayley, a prominent figure in WWE's Damage CTRL faction, and seasoned commentator Michael Cole.

This idea stems from a playful on-screen banter that became a notable aspect of WWE's programming during the pandemic era, although it never evolved into an official storyline. Francis, reflecting on his own social media interactions, emphasized the audience's interest in unconventional matchups, citing the excitement around a potential bout between himself and Cole.

His perspective is rooted in the belief that wrestling, at its core, is about entertainment and engaging characters, not just technical prowess. He admires the skill of wrestlers like Bret Hart but also holds a special appreciation for charismatic figures like The Godfather, a role he confessed he would have relished playing.

Francis on Wrestling's Essence

"Wrestling is supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be entertaining, it's supposed to have those little elements," Francis explained, highlighting the enduring appeal of performers like R-Truth, who can deliver both in-ring action and crowd-pleasing entertainment.

This dual capability, according to Francis, is the secret to longevity in the wrestling industry. The former Hit Row member recounted how Cole's jesting commentary following a mishap in the ring sparked his interest in a match with the commentator.

While that particular match never materialized, Francis is enthusiastic about the prospect of Cole stepping back into the ring, especially against Bayley. He envisions this as a landmark intergender match, potentially headlining a major event like WrestleMania.

Francis, however, was adamant about the outcome if such a match were to occur. "But Cole can't go over, if Cole faces Bayley, then Bayley has to go over," he insisted. Imagining it as a main event in Philadelphia, he urges WWE to consider this unique matchup.

Francis's comments have stirred the wrestling community, opening discussions about the evolving nature of entertainment in professional wrestling and the potential for more innovative and inclusive match formats in the future.

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