CM Punk's WWE Comeback: Calls for AJ Lee's Return


CM Punk's WWE Comeback: Calls for AJ Lee's Return
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The wrestling world is abuzz as CM Punk, one of the most charismatic and controversial figures in WWE history, makes his much-anticipated return. This development has sparked a frenzy among WWE fans, with ticket demand for upcoming events expected to surge.

But it's not just Punk's comeback that's stirring excitement; there's also talk of his wife, former Divas Champion AJ Lee, potentially returning to the WWE ring. AJ Lee, now known as AJ Mendez, left a significant mark in WWE history with her remarkable in-ring abilities and captivating persona.

Her departure from WWE happened just as the women's wrestling revolution was gaining momentum, led by talents like Rhea Ripley and Iyo Sky. Lee's groundbreaking Divas title handover to Paige is often cited as a pivotal moment in this transformative era.

Amidst this thrilling backdrop, social media is buzzing with speculation. Recently, WWE superstars Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez engaged in a heated Twitter exchange over a years-old video of Jade with CM Punk, leading to a broader discussion about AJ Lee's potential return.

Fans and wrestlers alike seem eager to see Lee step back into the WWE universe, especially in light of her husband's return. While AJ Lee has been involved with the Women Of Wrestling, her recent announcement of winding down her time there, as reported by, has fueled further speculation about her next move.

With CM Punk now firmly back in WWE's fold, many wonder if AJ Lee might follow suit, especially after her association with AEW seems to have ended.

Anticipation for Royal Rumble

As WWE approaches its next major pay-per-view event, the Royal Rumble, the possibility of surprise appearances looms large.

The prospect of AJ Lee returning during the women's match is an exciting one for fans, though as of now, it remains speculative. In the meantime, wrestling enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting CM Punk's appearance on Monday Night Raw, scheduled for November 27th on USA at 8:00 p.m.

ET. His return to the mic, possibly delivering another iconic promo akin to his legendary "pipe bomb," is highly anticipated. With these developments, the WWE is set to enter an exhilarating period, promising unforgettable moments for fans worldwide.

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