Cardona Fired Up by Survivor Series


Cardona Fired Up by Survivor Series
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The WWE Survivor Series 2023 left the wrestling world abuzz, particularly with the much-anticipated returns of Randy Orton and CM Punk. Orton made his first appearance since May 2022, while Punk stunned fans with a surprise comeback.

These moments not only dominated the event but also set social media on fire, with fans and wrestlers alike sharing their reactions. Among the voices contributing to the post-event conversation was Matt Cardona. On November 26, Cardona expressed his thoughts on the electrifying atmosphere of the Survivor Series via Twitter/X.

His words reflected a deep appreciation for the unique excitement that professional wrestling brings to the sports entertainment landscape. "In my opinion, the buzz surrounding #SurvivorSeries is what makes pro wrestling like nothing else," Cardona tweeted.

He emphasized the motivational aspect of the event, challenging his fellow wrestlers to find inspiration in the night's proceedings. "If you’re a wrestler in this business…at any level…whether you liked what happened or not…if last night didn’t light a fire under your ass, I don’t know what will.

MY ASS IS…" Cardona's passionate statement reflects his ongoing commitment to the sport and his desire to see others strive for greatness.

Cardona Ignites Wrestling World

The Survivor Series also featured a notable match between The Miz and Gunther, with Gunther emerging victorious to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Prior to the event, Cardona humorously mentioned he might "Miz his pants" if The Miz won, a comment that added to the playful banter surrounding the match. Meanwhile, Cardona continues to make waves outside WWE, having recently competed at GCW at WrestleCade Weekend.

His active presence in various wrestling promotions underscores his dedication to the sport and his influence in shaping the wrestling landscape. WWE Survivor Series 2023 not only provided memorable moments for fans but also served as a catalyst for professional growth among wrestlers.

As the buzz continues, the impact of this event on the future trajectories of many wrestlers remains a point of keen interest for the wrestling community.

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