Santino Marella Regrets Not Facing WWE Star


Santino Marella Regrets Not Facing WWE Star
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After a lengthy hiatus of 18 months due to a challenging double back fusion surgery, WWE superstar Randy Orton has made a sensational return to the ring at the Survivor Series WarGames. His comeback has ignited fervent speculation among fans and pundits alike, eagerly debating who Orton might feud with next.

Amidst this whirlwind of anticipation, a familiar face from Orton's past, Santino Marella, has come forward with a heartfelt admission of a dream match that never came to be.

Marella's Dream Match

In a recent candid conversation on "The Edlow Podcast," Marella, a former WWE comedic talent and Intercontinental Champion, expressed a deep-seated desire to have a one-on-one match with Orton, a long-time friend and former road companion.

"We always talked about wrestling each other because we used to ride together," Marella revealed, shedding light on their shared history and camaraderie. Despite their close friendship, Marella and Orton's paths seldom crossed inside the ring during their concurrent WWE tenures, largely due to their contrasting roles within the organization.

Marella's tenure was often marked by his involvement in lighter, comedic segments, a stark contrast to Orton's more serious and intense character arc. Reminiscing about a rare shared moment in the ring during a battle royal, Marella recounted, "I started looking for him...

just messing with each other, and he's trying, 'Don't make me laugh, man.' " This playful interaction underscored the unique dynamic between the two, hinting at the potential for a captivating match-up. Marella firmly believes that their contrasting styles could have led to memorable and engaging bouts, given Orton's acclaimed in-ring prowess.

Currently, Marella is part of Impact Wrestling, yet he remains open to the possibility of returning to WWE. His sporadic in-ring appearances in 2023 signal that the dream of a Marella-Orton showdown could still materialize.

With Orton's return rekindling old alliances and rivalries, the WWE Universe can only speculate and hope for this long-awaited match to finally happen, marking another thrilling chapter in WWE's storied legacy.

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