Kurt Angle Shares Health Update Post Knee & Neck Surgeries


Kurt Angle Shares Health Update Post Knee & Neck Surgeries
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Wrestling icon and Olympic champion Kurt Angle, known for his remarkable career in the wrestling ring, is candidly sharing his journey through recovery as he approaches his 55th birthday. The WWE Hall of Famer, who has entertained fans globally for over two decades, is now navigating life with significant health challenges, particularly following his double knee replacement surgery last year.

Angle, in a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," opened up about his ongoing adjustment to life with his "new knees." Despite medical advice cautioning against certain activities, Angle admits to pushing the boundaries of his recovery.

"I'm running on them, but I'm not supposed to run on them," he confessed. His humorous take on the situation reveals a lighthearted approach to his recovery, even joking about potential consequences. "They're supposed to last 20 years, but the way I'm treating them, probably 10!

I might as well get fat," he laughed.

Angle's Neck Surgery Update

In addition to his knees, Angle also provided an update on his neck, which has been a source of persistent trouble since his historic performance at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Despite having broken his neck then, he persevered to compete and triumph. Now, he's preparing for another hurdle - a neck surgery scheduled for early next year. This procedure, involving artificial disk replacements, aims to address issues with his hands, which have been affected by his neck injury.

"I can't really grab things, they always slip and fall from my hands. I have horrible motor skills," Angle explained. The forthcoming surgery is expected to enhance Angle's quality of life significantly. By opening up his nerve and allowing better circulation in his arms, the surgery aims to restore full strength and motion in his hands, which have suffered due to atrophy.

Angle's resilience and determination, evident throughout his wrestling career, continue to shine through as he faces these medical challenges head-on. His story, a blend of humor and bravery, remains an inspiration to fans and athletes alike, showcasing the unyielding spirit of a true champion.

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