Booker T Slams AEW Full Gear Spot as 'One of the Dumbest'?


Booker T Slams AEW Full Gear Spot as 'One of the Dumbest'?
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In recent weeks, the brutal and gory Texas Death Match between two wrestling titans, "Hangman" Adam Page and Swerve Strickland, has ignited a firestorm of controversy within the wrestling community. This shocking showdown took a particularly gruesome turn when Page infamously drank Strickland's blood during the match, leaving fans and even industry veterans astounded.

Booker T, a seasoned wrestling veteran with an illustrious career, recently shared his candid thoughts on this jaw-dropping encounter during an episode of "The Hall of Fame." In his decades-long tenure in the wrestling world, Booker has witnessed his fair share of bloodshed and brutality, citing legendary figures like Abdullah The Butcher.

However, he emphasized that the extremity of Page and Strickland's actions crossed a line, especially for a televised wrestling product that relies on attracting sponsors.

Wrestling's Reputation and Sponsorships

Booker expressed concern about wrestling's reputation in mainstream society and its ability to secure top-tier sponsorships.

He recalled a time when even high schools had strict rules against blood in wrestling matches. One particular incident involved wrestler Tiger Conway bleeding during a high school event, leading to chaos among students and a ban on wrestling promotions in high schools thereafter.

Reflecting on his personal experience, Booker recounted attempting to organize a wrestling event at his former junior high school, only to be met with resistance and skepticism akin to someone divulging classified information.

He asserted that the era of brutal and bloody wrestling is long gone, especially in a time when hygiene, disease awareness, and safety precautions are paramount. Booker T also highlighted the critical health concerns associated with blood in wrestling.

He pointed out that diseases can be easily transmitted through blood, emphasizing the potential risks involved. Landing a drop of blood on a child in the audience, for instance, could have catastrophic consequences. In conclusion, Booker T's candid remarks shed light on the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where shock value and extreme violence must be balanced with considerations for safety, hygiene, and the reputation of the sport.

As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how such incidents will impact its perception and its ability to secure coveted sponsorships.

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