Mercedes Mone's WWE Return at 2024 Royal Rumble Announced!


Mercedes Mone's WWE Return at 2024 Royal Rumble Announced!
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Mercedes Mone, a name synonymous with female pro wrestling dominance, has made a profound impact in the world of wrestling, both in the WWE and overseas. Her surprising departure from WWE in May of the previous year, during a Monday Night RAW episode, sent ripples through the wrestling community.

Since then, Mone has carved a formidable niche for herself in Japan, performing in NJPW and STARDOM, and establishing herself as a major international star. The recent buzz in the wrestling world revolves around Daniel Cormier's statement on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

Cormier, a legend in his own right, openly expressed his desire to see Mercedes Mone make a grand comeback to WWE, specifically at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event next year. He reminisced about her previous accolades in WWE, highlighting her reign as a tag team champion and her journey to capturing every championship available.

He emphasized her current success in Japan, where she's widely regarded as one of the top performers.

Mercedes Mone's Uncertain Future

Despite the growing clamor for her return, Ringside News has exclusively reported that WWE currently has no plans to re-sign Mone.

This has not deterred speculation and excitement among fans who are eager to see if she will make a surprise return to the WWE arena. Mone herself has confirmed her continued involvement in professional wrestling for the next year, though her exact destination remains a topic of much speculation.

A return to WWE would be a monumental event in the wrestling world. Mone's career is a testament to her incredible talent and resilience, making her one of the most accomplished and recognized figures in women's wrestling.

Her potential return to WWE could redefine the women's division, bringing her unique flair and charisma back to a global audience. As the wrestling community awaits her next move, the anticipation builds. Will Mercedes Mone return to the WWE stage, or will she continue to blaze trails elsewhere? This unfolding story is one to watch, as it could significantly shape the landscape of women's professional wrestling in the coming year.

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