Nikki Bella: Tom Lawlor Advocates for Her WON Hall of Fame Induction

Highlighting a unique advocate for women's wrestling history.

by Noman Rasool
Nikki Bella: Tom Lawlor Advocates for Her WON Hall of Fame Induction
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON) Hall of Fame stands as a prestigious recognition, honoring those who have significantly impacted the industry. Established in 1996, this hall of fame opens its doors to wrestlers, journalists, and historians, acknowledging their enduring contributions.

Amidst various noteworthy personalities yet to receive this honor, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, a multifaceted figure in wrestling and a contributor to WON, has recently voiced a strong endorsement for Nikki Bella, a former WWE Divas Champion, to be inducted into this elite circle.

Lawlor, during his appearance on "Under The Ring," articulated his support for Bella, citing her influential role beyond the wrestling ring. "Nikki Bella's profound impact stemming from reality shows like 'Total Divas' and 'Total Bellas' makes her induction into the Hall of Fame a no-brainer," he explained.

"She wasn't just the face of the women's division in WWE; she was the face of women in the company, attracting a vast audience beyond the regular wrestling fanbase." The reach of Bella's influence is notable, with Lawlor mentioning that he knows several individuals who, despite not being wrestling fans, were drawn to the sport through Bella's reality TV appearances.

This ability to captivate and engage a wider audience is a testament to her appeal and impact on the industry.

Nikki Bella's Ring Dominance

Nikki Bella's prowess wasn't confined to television screens. In the wrestling ring, she distinguished herself with the longest reign as Divas Champion in WWE history.

Her memorable rivalries with prominent wrestlers like AJ Lee, Charlotte Flair, and Carmella have cemented her legacy in the wrestling world, earning her a WWE Hall of Fame induction. Lawlor further elaborated on Bella's unique presence in wrestling during her era.

"Nikki Bella was more than just an attractive figure in the ring; she embodied toughness and hard-hitting action, qualities not often highlighted in women wrestlers of that time," he remarked. As discussions about future inductees into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame continue, Lawlor's endorsement places Nikki Bella in the spotlight, not just as a wrestler but as a pivotal figure who broadened the appeal of professional wrestling to a diverse audience.

Her potential induction would not only celebrate her in-ring achievements but also her influential role in expanding the reach and perception of women in wrestling.

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