Jim Ross Praises CM Punk's Ideal WWE Comeback


Jim Ross Praises CM Punk's Ideal WWE Comeback
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In a stunning twist, CM Punk made a dramatic return to WWE at Survivor Series, only months after a controversial exit from AEW. The wrestling community was buzzing with his unexpected appearance, marking a significant moment in his career.

Punk's departure from AEW, initiated by a backstage conflict involving Jack Perry, was a key point of contention. Bryan Danielson's role in the decision-making process that led to Punk's release from AEW has been a topic of much discussion.

Jim Ross, a seasoned commentator, discussed Punk's WWE comeback on his "Grilling JR" podcast. He lauded the decision as a masterstroke by Triple H, highlighting it as an exemplary creative move. Ross emphasized the significance of the reaction from the audience, describing it as "sustained chaos." He also addressed the loyalty of wrestling fans, challenging the notion of allegiance to a single brand.

Ross shared his personal insights, mentioning his friendship with Punk and expressing happiness for his success. He acknowledged differing opinions with Punk in the past but emphasized the importance of supporting friends in their endeavors.

Ross Clarifies Remarks

Ross's co-host, Conrad Thompson, clarified that Ross's comments referred to Punk's 2014 WWE departure, not his recent exit from AEW. AEW's Tony Khan, restricted by legal constraints, remained silent on Punk's WWE return.

Continuing, Ross reflected on Punk's impact on the wrestling world. He described Punk as a polarizing yet captivating figure, noting their sporadic communication. Ross expressed his appreciation for Punk's concern during his health struggles, underscoring the rarity of such gestures in today's society.

The recent WWE deal with CM Punk reportedly includes a behavior clause, aimed at preventing past issues from resurfacing. This clause is seen as a proactive step to ensure a smoother tenure for Punk in WWE, addressing concerns from both his previous WWE stint and his time in AEW.

Overall, Punk's return to WWE is not only a boon for the company but potentially beneficial for the entire wrestling industry. Ross's comments highlight the significance of this move, both in terms of in-ring entertainment and its broader implications in the wrestling community.

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