Is Channing Stacks' Lorenzo Believes NXT Outshining WWE Main Roster?


Is Channing Stacks' Lorenzo Believes NXT Outshining WWE Main Roster?
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In a remarkable turnaround, WWE's developmental program, "NXT," has witnessed a significant upsurge in television ratings, social media buzz, and fan engagement over the last year. This resurgence can partly be attributed to the presence of main roster superstars, but the real game-changer has been the strategic booking by Shawn Michaels and the impressive emergence of new talents.

Stacks' NXT Vision

Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo, currently holding one-half of the "NXT" Tag Team Championships, is a prime example of this new wave of talent. Lorenzo passionately argues that "NXT" should be recognized not just as WWE's developmental territory but as a standalone main roster brand.

In an enlightening conversation with "Niko Knows Best," Lorenzo shared his vision for "NXT," saying, "I think 'NXT' is building another brand right here that rivals any other show on TV right now. We're prepared to do that, and I don't think it's too far into the future.

I want to be part of that. I really see myself and other tag teams creating Takeover-quality matches very soon. We're really building a great division here." Adding to this excitement, Lorenzo expressed his enthusiasm about "NXT" returning to touring in 2024 and moving its weekly shows out of the WWE Performance Center.

The brand is also slated to make a significant leap by transitioning to the CW Network. "I want to hit the road, get outside for a bit," Lorenzo remarked. "Traveling is the essence of this sport. It's all about the thrill and the diversity of people we meet." The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 halted "NXT's" travels to various arenas across the United States.

Although there was a brief return to touring in 2021, the transformation into "NXT 2.0" necessitated a permanent stay at the WWE Performance Center. Since then, the brand has hosted only TakeOvers and house shows outside its Orlando base.

Lorenzo's comments not only underscore a significant shift in "NXT's" strategy but also reflect the ambitious spirit of its rising stars, poised to take the wrestling world by storm.