Sonny Kiss Discusses Experiences with CM Punk in AEW Locker Room


Sonny Kiss Discusses Experiences with CM Punk in AEW Locker Room
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Former AEW star Sonny Kiss recently shared her experiences working with CM Punk during his tenure at AEW, highlighting the positive interactions she had with him. Speaking on "WrestlingNewsCo," Kiss discussed Punk's respectful attitude and his effort to understand and address her appropriately.

Kiss reminisced about her first encounter with Punk at AEW, where he made a point to engage with her thoughtfully. “The first day I saw [when] he came to AEW, he pulled me aside and he was just asking me questions. He was just like, you know, 'I want to be respectful of you, so how do I address you,' and things like that," she recalled.

This gesture stood out to Kiss, who noted Punk’s kindness and respect towards her. While CM Punk is known for being a divisive figure in professional wrestling, Kiss emphasized the importance of his role in business growth.

She cited Cody Rhodes’ perspective on business, suggesting that if Punk could elevate the company, his presence was beneficial. “That was really, really cool to see Punk have that return. He's very polarizing in pro wrestling, but, you know, I think Cody said it best — what's good for business is what's good for business.

If he's going to elevate the company, why not?” Kiss stated.

Kiss Praises AEW Executives

Kiss, who spent four years with AEW before her departure earlier this year, also spoke highly of AEW's EVPs. She expressed gratitude for the support and kindness she received from the company's executives throughout her stint.

Currently, Kiss is making waves in Impact Wrestling and recently faced off against Knockouts Champion, Trinity, demonstrating her continued prominence in the wrestling world. As Kiss transitions to new opportunities in her career, her reflections on her time with AEW and interactions with figures like CM Punk offer a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of professional wrestling.

Her positive experiences with Punk and AEW's leadership highlight the importance of respect and kindness in the industry, regardless of one's personal reputation or public persona.

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